Local Area

This week we began our Geography’s topic which is ‘Why would people live in Salford?’

We started by doing a treasure hunt around the classroom and talked about the landmarks you would find in Salford. We then went on a walk around our local area making a list of all the places you would find on the Height.


This week, year 2 have made a start on Poetry. We have looked at and identified a range of poetry and have used drama to perform them.

Take a look at our wonderful drama and performance skills.


What a day! Year 2 have had an amazingly fun filled day designing, making and eating Pizzas. We have also had lots of fun playing games, dancing and evaluating our fantastic creations!

Take a look at our pizza packed day!

Even the adults had the most amazing day too!



Science – Sound Scientists

To start our new Science topic, Year 2 started with an enquiry based lesson. The children had to communicate, without talking or making a sound, to decide which area of the school would be the quietest area to work in. The children were provided with a range of pictures to sort into groups. We then went on a sound walk.

Throughout the past week, year 2 have worked extremely hard and enjoyed taking part in many different activities. We learned about and compared the loudness of pitch of sounds, we made our very own instruments and explored percussion instruments too. We planned and carried out a sound investigation and learned lots about how the ear works from a special visitor.

Have a look at our amazing learning!

What super Scientists you have been, Year 2!

History – Explorers

Summer 2

Welcome back to school Year 2 for our final year in Year 2 and what an exciting term we have ahead of us!

This terms History topic is going to be all about explorers such as Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We will be becoming familiar and demonstrating awareness of the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements

In our first session, we started with an enquiry based lesson. We were able to explore a range of resources to help us pick up on key facts. There were many questions we discussed such as: Why are these people famous? What did they do? Are they all equally famous, or are some more famous than others? The children with then given the opportunity to reflect on the enquiry question and findings to show what they have learnt throughout the lesson.

In our second lesson. we looked at, sequenced and ordered events and objects. For our activity, we were given a number of images to place where we thought they would go on the timeline and giving our reason reason for that position.

We have had lots of fun with History so far, take a look at our work!

Enquiry L1

To order and sequence events and objects L2

Super learning Year 2!